The Flash (movie)

The Flash (2023)

Overall – 6.1/10

This movie should’ve been another Batman movie. But no, they had to make it about the Flash, who’s character isn’t that great. It might’ve been better if it wasn’t Ezra Miller, but we won’t know. This one of course, goes off with the whole multiverse idea, and this was another tiresome attempt at the trope. The CGI was for the most part, was worse than some games from 2005. There were some good points, with Michael Keaton as Batman again (which was the only reason everyone saw it), but that was pretty much it. The end scene was really stupid, unless they really are going to do one with him as Batman. This movie really made the multiverse idea pretty bad because of what they did with it, and how bleak they made it seem. Not a great movie.

Acting – 4.4/5

Above average. Ezra Miller plays himself (twice!) and Michael Keaton is once again great as Batman. Sasha Calle was a little too one-dimensional, but it wasn’t anything major.

Writing/Story – 3.4/5

The writing was up and down, and the movie was a convoluted mess when it came to cohesive storytelling. There were definitely some good points, but there was just equally bad low points as well. For being the movie to restart the DC universe, this was very underwhelming. The Batman parts were very well done all around, but everything else was not great, except the second to last scene. That was genuinely heartfelt. Then they completely ruined it with the last scene. And what was with the baby in the microwave?

Soundtrack – 4.3/5

Score done by Benjamin Wallfisch, and a solid one at that. Perfectly fits the movie, although nothing that will blow your head off.

Rewatchability – 2.3/5

The only reason you would rewatch this movie was if you wanted to come back to compare Michael Keaton from 1989 to 2023. That’s it. Maybe if there’s actual, real implications with this movie with the upcoming movies from the DC universe, but other than that, this is a highly forgettable one.

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