The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Overall – 9.0/10

This was overall a very fun, not boring, inoffensive film for the whole family, which seems to be a rarity these days. Disney is starting to be obsolete lately, with movies like this one coming out. It broke the record for biggest opening for an animated film, beating Frozen 2 from four years ago.

Voice-overs – 4.8/5

Great casting choices for this one. People thought it was really weird when they heard Chris Pratt use his normal voice for Mario, but the writers did it in a way in which it actually worked. Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlie Day are great as well. Jack Black wasn’t the first person to come to mind for Bowser, but in a comedic setting he was perfect, especially when writing and performing the “Peaches” song.

Writing/Story – 4.0/5

Nice and simple, something that doesn’t seem to happen these days. Nothing too complicated here. All the characters were great. Princess Peach wasn’t too much of a “girl boss” which was nice.

Soundtrack – 4.4/5

The soundtrack was pretty good, with the orchestral score done by Brian Tyler. I feel like that he was probably the best candidate to pull of a score for this kind of film, so well done there. As for non-orchestral, they put in a good mix of classic songs, like “Take on Me” and “Thunderstruck”.

Rewatchability – 4.6/5

I would absolutely rewatch this movie, although this one would require watching it with friends and family.

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