Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Overall – 8.7/10

The last of this trilogy was a solid one, although still not as good as the first one. It was a good and fitting end to this set of Marvel movies, and this will be looked at as one of the better Marvel franchises. This one was good, although I couldn’t help but feel something was a little off, but it didn’t ruin the experience. I am a little annoyed, however, (spoilers) that they are going to have Starlord return, but presumably no James Gunn. But we will have to see for that.

Acting – 4.4/5

A lot of great actors in these movies. Not much to say here, except it felt like the actor playing the villain was trying a little too hard.

Writing/Story – 4.2/5

Since this was the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy, it had to be final. They delivered a competent script…for the most part. There were a few small things which annoyed me, such as the ending itself and the trademark Disney quips. The ending was fitting for all three movies, but this movie did feel a little muddled when it came to the whole thing. There was a LOT of emotional work that went into Rocket’s past, and the villain in this was a little odd as well.

Soundtrack – 4.0/5

Solid one here, especially since the composer John Murphy hadn’t done a score for a film in over 10 years (before 2021’s Suicide Squad). With these movies, there’s a heavy reliance on nostalgic songs, and they had another good mix of classic songs in this one as well.

Rewatchability – 3.8/5

Not a bad one to rewatch, something maybe I would come back to a decade from now to watch with my kids, if I were to watch this trilogy again.

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